Dogs must be current on their Rabies vaccine as well as Distemper & Parvo (often these two show on vet records as DHPPL4, DA2PPV, Da2pp, DHLPP, or something similar).  We also require Bordetella (kennel cough).

Cats must be current on Rabies and FVRC.

All guests must also be parasite free.  

Vaccination records are required upon arrival (we highly recommend you send it ahead of time so there are no last minute surprises).  Contact your veterinarian for any additional vaccines they may recommend for your pet while being boarded.


Food - bring plenty of food for the duration of their stay.

Treats - I use treats to help make your dog become more comfortable with me (like the aunt that lets you eat candy when you go visit!).

Toys - Dogs love to play with their own toys that have their own scent on it.

Bedding - A small piece of bedding from their own bed such as a blanket or pillow which has their scent on it helps your dog feel more at home.