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Dogs must be current on their Rabies vaccine as well as Distemper & Parvo (often these show on vet records as DHPPL4, DA2PPV, Da2pp, DHLPP, or something similar).  We also require Bordetella (kennel cough).  

Cats must be current on Rabies and FVRC.

Vaccinations must be given by a vet.  Home and breeder vaccinations are not accepted by by the State of Iowa for the purposes of boarding.

Records should be uploaded via your dashboard in the Pet Parent Portal or can be emailed to

All guests must also be current on Dewormer, Flea & Tick preventatives, and be parasite-free.  If a guest is found to have parasites or any other potentially contagious conditions, extra cleaning/bathing/vet fees will apply OR you may need to have your pet picked up immediately. 

Vaccination records are required upon arrival (we highly recommend you send it ahead of time so there are no last minute surprises).  Contact your veterinarian for any additional vaccines they may recommend for your pet while being boarded.  IF your dog does not have the correct vaccinations, they cannot stay with us.


Food - bring plenty of food for the duration of their stay.  Please make sure you disclose any food allergies.  We do have a fridge/freezer to keep fresh/canned food.

Medicine - bring in the original bottle or organize multiple meds into a pill box.  Bring pill pockets too!

Treats - We use treats to help make your dog become more comfortable with us and reward good behavior!

Bedding - A small piece of bedding such as a blanket or towel which has their scent on it helps your dog feel more at home.  We can also wash it if it gets dirty!  Beds are ok too, but keep in mind it may get dirty!  All enclosures come with a raised Kuranda bed in it.


A favorite toy - Is your pup a chewer/bed destroyer?  Opt for a favorite chew-safe toy instead of bedding.

**Please put their name on anything you bring**


Bowls - We use and sanitize our own stainless steel bowls between each feeding.  "Slow feed" bowls are fine, but please put their name on it.

Rawhide, beef bones, or anything else that can shard, make a huge mess, or be a choke hazard.  Kong or Nylabone chews toys are a great alternative!


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