Our 90 pound black lab is not a "dainty" fella.  He will plunge into icy cold water after a duck without a thought.  However, anytime we have to leave him at the vet for a teeth cleaning, this tough guy is howling and crying when I pick him up.  Talk about mom guilt!  We simply would not be able to board him somewhere that he stays in a metal kennel all day.

I recently traded in my corporate job to be a stay at home mom to two beautiful (human) girls and two handsome (Labrador) boys.  This also gave us the opportunity to begin this long time dream of running a small dog kennel.  My girls love being involved with the dogs almost as much as I do (I see vet school in their future).


I've been working with dogs since I was a young 4-Her.  I won multiple obedience and showmanship Champion ribbons at the county fair level and competed at regional and state level 4-H competitions many times.  My husband and I now enjoy spending time together working with our duck dogs, Jack (11) and Hank (1).  


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8am-9pm by appointment


111 North 1st St.

PO Box 333

Montrose, IA 52639
Cell: 515-360-8901

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