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We know it can be hard to leave your fur baby in the care of someone else- that is why we started this business!



Customers new and established can book boarding reservations online using our Pet Parent Portal.

GP = Group Play

NS = Not Social (no group play)


Our boarding service is personalized to your pet's needs.  Even though we started our business out of our home (we live 2 blocks away) we still run things the same.  Most of our kennels are 25 square feet (5x5) in our heated/cooled facility with indoor only runs.  We also have 2 Deluxe size (~5x9') kennels available  for an additional $10/day.


Our typical day starts by 7am with staff taking everyone out and getting breakfast ready.  Once everyone has had a chance to "go" we begin morning playtime while kennels are cleaned.  If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs (GP) , they can play together in the fenced yard area (see our daycare page for more information on group play).  If your dog does not like or qualify* for canine company (NS), they will be able to explore the yard and play 1:1 with staff or go on a walk without the company of other dogs. After morning playtime, we rest (because they are tired!).   Around lunchtime, we go out for another bathroom break and playtime before taking an afternoon nap.  Dinner time we go out again to play and get everyone's supper ready.  Our last time out for the day is typically between 8:30 and 9pm. 

We take puppies and kittens as young as 8 weeks old (see "Guest Requirements") for boarding, daycare, and grooming. 


Our pricing structure is $32/24 hours for dogs that participate in group play.  A $10/day staffing fee is added per family/day for dogs that do not participate in group play and require 1:1 staff.  Due to the additional staff time NS dogs take, we limit these reservations to 6 at any given time, so book well in advance!


Need a day and a half? No problem. We charge $16 for 12 hour increments after your first day (24 hour minimum for boarding).  If you have two dogs that would share a kennel (must be able to eat together), the 2nd dog is half price.


$32/24 hours (GP)

$16/24 hours for each additional GP dog per kennel 

$10 daily staffing fee/family kennel for NS dogs

Here are some pricing examples:

Example 1:  If you drop your pup off at 5pm and they stay overnight until 5pm the next day, the cost will be $32.  If you had two dogs for this same amount of time, the cost would be $48.  If they require 1:1 staff, it would be +$10 staffing fee to = $58. 


Example 2:  If you drop your pup off at 9am and pick them up at 5pm the following day, the cost would be $48 (1.5 days).  If you boarded 2 dogs in 1 pen for this amount of time, the cost would be $48 + $24 = $72 (+ staffing fee if applicable).

There is a 10% discount starting on day 11 of your dogs' stay as long as they qualify for group play.  There are no discounts on stays for NS dogs.

*NS qualification = your dog does not pass the temperament test, your dog doesn't get along with others, or your dog is 6+ months old and has not been spayed or neutered.  These are in accordance with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, our governing body's, rules. 

If you have any questions about pricing, please feel free call or you can get a quote using our Pet Parent Portal

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